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Upcoming Releases!

I am super pumped to make this early announcement - We have gone thru the fridge, and compiled our testers reports, and photos, and have slotted out our next releases! Most of these are smaller batches, so will be more limited than I typically Release, but I think there should be enough for everyone to get something fun for their library.

Regular Lines-

Dragons Hashplant f2 – dragons Hashplant x dragons Hashplant 75 pack total release.

Tranquil Hashplant- Tranquil Elephantizer x Dragons Hashplant 44 pack total release

Congolese Ticket – Congolese Kush x Bangin ticket 46 pack total release

Silver Haze Dragon – super silver haze x amber dragon 80 packs release

Feminized Lines-

Zamal Dreams – Zamaldelica x Orange dreams 200 pack total release

Mac Dragon S1 – Mac dragon #7 x Mac dragon #7 70 pack total release

Mac Dragon F2 – Mac dragon #18 x Mac Dragon #7 50 pack total release

Orange Dragon Cookies – Emerald Slyme cookies x Orange Dreams 30 pack total release

Blackberry Dragon Fruit – Blackberry Hashplant x Orange dreams 30 pack total release

Im currently getting my venders orders together to determine which ones will be going to which vendors / which will be going on my website, so stay tuned for more details!

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