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Update on The RDWC, as well as honorable mentions

Well, I got to admit, I am pretty impressed thus far with the RDWC system. Its been very easy to keep on point. I have done 1 water change out now and will be doing a weekly one going forward. They have been in the system now for about 2 weeks and are visibly bigger each time I go in the room. Training has started on them, basically just to spread them out and fill the space fully. So far, well on track. I have flipped the Modified Macberry Moonshine and sprayed it with the elite HybriTech reversal spray. Should be 2 weeks more veg in the system, then will flip the full room. Hopefully this time around the reversal will work out. I have attempted to reverse this same cultivar in the past, but it didn't produce past. I used homemade STS spray last time, this time I paid the big bucks to get the "tried and true" elite brand spray. We shall see if it holds up!

Blackberry Moonshine #12

Haole Moonshine #3

Blackberry moonshine bx1

Modified macberry moonshine

I also wanted to shout out some awesome photos that were submitted to me this month....take a gander!

These are all the OG Mac Dragon - Grown by Papagrande178 and Dara AKA blessed Mama.

And heres 2 amazing photos of the Blackberry Moonshine bx1 grown by c4nnapics!

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