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Week 10 - Flower shots.

To many flower photos?? To much Bud porn?? I think Not!

Here's the Gorilla Glue #4 cut - currently week 10. Gonna go week 12 or so..let her ready fade out and get that gnarly potency. We like the GG4 deep in flower here!

Here is the Runtz Cut...I tried growing her in Hawaii, but as with most hype cuts, she totally disintegrated in the jungle climate. Very excited to try her now indoor! These were last photos, then she was chopped for the whole plant hang and dry.

Heres the Grape Pie cut from archive. Gonna be sticking around a while, as the terp profile really tickles the nose and throat on this one in the best way. Last photos before she was harvested for the whole plant hang - week 10.

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