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Week 2 - personalities starting to show

Well, we are now week 2 in flower, although here in Hawaii things flower even faster, so to me they look more like week 3ish. The personalities of the plants are really starting to show, as now stretch has happened, and we are setting up flowers.

Crumble cake male - what the whole run is built around looking like a beautiful stud to me, can smell him walking up, with loud fuel and grape fumes under it. Loving how he is looking happy in this run.

Here's the male and the female crumble cakes - These will be an f2 of someone else's line, so this one won't be a release, but for private stock for myself and the other breeders involved, and for fun, and to maybe work the line further down the road...perhaps. Not the clearest photo obviously, took it at night but it still does show the expressional difference.... The male is more robust and upright, with bigger stems, more upright look, and some leaf structure like the OKGB side of the genetics. While the female is much bushier, with a denser fuller look, she needs more defoliation in flower then the male structure. Made a perfect round bush even with no training.

One of my favorite odd balls this run, as it has an excellent vibe and smell in person. Something very unique coming off this Vietnamese dalat...even amongst her sisters, she has a much wilder vibe, although she is flowering right on track with the more modern genetics. Can't wait to see how these combine with the more modern hype type lines....

Greenhouse ended up nice and full this round - have to sneak my way thru to water and spray, but I prefer a full vs an empty greenhouse, so heres to making it happen! From left to right in the front - Lemon tree, Deep Dreams, then 2 dalats.

Coming from the other end of the greenhouse - Just as full! Row 1 - Jeffreys, then the next 5 rows all are Mac Dragon 10...then it transitions to the Mac Dragon #7 pheno. Hard to get everyone in one shot, but I think you get the idea. We are still in the somewhat boring stage I no one is covered in flowers yet....but soon enough!

until then, Stay free, Stay high,

The dragon

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