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Black Tiger NLD - First looks

Well, as some may have seen from previous posts on IG or Discord, but one of my current looks into other genetics is focusing in on some more Middle Eastern / Afghan type lines. This one is one I am pretty excited to run through, as the source plants looked awesome on IG, and others that have run them thus far have said there was some fun smokes in them.

These will be the first individual photos now for the Black Tiger NLD line. These were given to me by trident seeds / Indian Landrace Exchange - photo from them provided below!

My plan with this line is to do a reproduction - as well as outcross it to a few of my modern ladies as well for some unique crosses. Ended up with only 5 plants to work with...4 females and a made selection not really a thing lol. Real selection will have to come from the f2s I make down the road.

Here are the individual plants!

#1 Female

#2 Female

#3 Female

#4 Male

#5 Female

So far the stem rubs have been very nice, ranging from sweet lady musk to spicy and one has a putrid type smell. Obviously just in veg, so a lot remains to be seen from this line, I just want to make sure to keep documenting this for posterity, and for anyone curious about preservations or the behind the scenes at DFG.

Cheers and thanks for stopping in-

Stay free stay high

the dragon

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