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Day 55 Photo Shoot

Well, things are on track. Considering these plants got 9 days of freezing temps and no power due to the ice storm, I'm pleased with how they are shaping up. Not flawless by any means, but such is the growers life!

This is the Haole Moonshine #3 keeper plant that I will be putting into Tissue Culture through node labs. Cat piss, skunk, and tangerine terps on this expression.

Heres the mother of the haole moonshine... Blackberry moonshine bx1...

Heres the Cherry Mac moonshine keeper...hard to capture how dank this one is, buds are rock solid and dripping in resin. Reeks of Cherry Skunk.

Here's the Obama Kush - Tigard farms cut bred by CSI. Coffee earthy sickly sweet nose. rock hard baseballs.

Will post another entry sometime next week with more photos, didn't want to make this one to slow to load with two many photos!


stay free stay high

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