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Harvest shots!

Today's blog entry will be a short one, but with pretty pictures! The recent harvest has wrapped up, and all in all, some excellent smoke is now in jars. This run was intended to be a seed making run, but the reversal failed again, but it did give me a chance to get some nice beauty shots of some of my moms that are in rotation for breeding purposes...

I am also looking for testers currently off some of these moms, so feel free to shoot me an email to discuss this.

Black velvet cut from Clearwater Genetics. Has a nice cherry cake smell, and obviously a IG pretty line. Not the strongest smell or effect, but she is a nice smoke and definitely packs the bag appeal on. I've used this cut now with the Blackberry Moonshine bx1 male and the Cherry Mac Moonshine male.

Blackberry Moonshine Bx1 Cut - Always a show stopper, always terpy af. Easy to see why this cut stays around for everyone that runs her.

Cherry Pie Bay Area Cut - one of my top 10 smokes. So dank, but such a pain in the ass to grow.

Cherry Mac Moonshine Keeper - A newer addition to my breeding stable, and is my selection from my cherry pie x modified macberry moonshine cross. Has the best parts of the smoke and terp of the cherry pie, while the extreme vigor and yield and easy going growing nature of the MMM side. Going to be featured in quite a few crosses in the coming years!

Fire OG - One of my favorite OG cuts. Dank gas station musty basement funky terps. Extreme potency like we all expect from an OG. She is hard to clone, but once established, shes much more vigorous then the 92 og or Triangle Kush cut. This one has been used for a while now, with many males, and I plan to keep her around.

Gogi Og - Bodhi cut "pinesoul"

This cut is aptly named, and has a strong pinesol terp profile. Very sticky, with a pleasant all day smoke. Not as potent as a straight OG, and has a lot of the snow lotus influence like many of the SL crosses I've run over the years. This one has been used a few times now, and will likely be used one or two more times before I retire the cut.

Grape Gas - Compound bred - cut sourced through the homie cannaessentials. This one is sticking around for me as well, has such a delicious Grape Laffy Taffy terp profile, is very potent, and has an easy going highly productive habit

Obama Kush - CSI bred Tigard farms cut. This gal is a dank old school terp. Unfortunately, I lost this cut in the ice storm,. but I did hit her with both the blackberry moonshine bx1 and the cherry mac moonshine male before I lost her, So her genes will be in some crosses.

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