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Dragon's Hashplant F2 Release coming....

The next new release coming shortly - (dates to be announced ASAP) will be the Dragons Hashplant f2 regular seed line. The Original dragons hashplant f1 line was a very small release, done only thru the Neptune Seed Bank family, and the f2 release will also be a pretty small release as well. We are releasing 75 total packs, which will all be hand numbered. This is all the stock I have - minus my breeder backstock which will someday be used to f3 the line. This is also one of my older lines that has been sitting in my fridge, and I've decided in my fridge isn't where they belong - they should be out in the world, and out in peoples' gardens.

Lineage of the dragons hashplant is the '88 G-13 Hashplant f3 from NDN Guy x Dragons Stash f2 trio of males. On the f2 process - My selections were going towards the more berry sour acrid phenos, that had more dragons stash influence in the terp profile. I do like the hashplant terp - however it can easily take over, so my work on "my" hashplant line has been to modify the profile a bit, improve the cold / wet weather adaptability, but keep the insane resin production that we all expect from a hashplant line.

Structure wise - you can expect squat broad leaf types, with fat buds that are dripping in resin. Ive built this line, and did my selections outdoor in Oregon, and this line shows it! For a broad leaf type, it has well above average mold resistance, and high mildew resistance.

Flower Structure comes in two main types - a looser atypical hashplant type, with big, towering buds, or a denser, more colorful dragons stash looking flower structure. The Stash leaners have more fungal resistance, with terps going more blueberry / fuel type.

The looser more resinous hashplant leaning structure has an earthy, sour, acrid type terpene profile like many hash plants.

In my humble opinion - both flower type expressions are quite nice - and by bumping up the resistance levels, I hardly think this is "just another hashplant," and I believe growers everywhere, especially in the tuff outdoor climate areas, will fall in love with the Dragon's hashplant.

We have already sorted the seeds, and ordered our packaging, so we should be ready to drop the late winter / early spring releases here in the next few weeks - so stay tuned for those dates, as they are coming!

Effect wise, The Dragons Hashplant is exactly what you would expect from a hashplant line - heavy, narcotic, appetite engaging, relax, and sleep smoke. Not one I recommend for getting anything productive done - but after a hard day, she's the queen. Will melt away the stress and anxiety of the day and wrap ya in the heavy warm blanket feeling. I've heard from several patients that she does magic for nerve pain, as well as for helping get thru cancer treatments. Definitely a highly medical line, and one that I am very happy to be able to let out into the world.

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