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Garden Update - Modified Macberry Moonshine pollination run -

Well, things have finally started feeling back to normal after the tropical storm system that moved thru. We have got the flowering greenhouse back up, and the upper veg greenhouse is back up. We still have our dry storage canopy smashed up and needing replacement, but the grind of life is back in full swing. Down in the flowering greenhouse, Things are moving right along with the Modified Macberry Moonshine Male seeding cycle. Everything, well, everything but the Cherry Pie Cut lol, is looking good considering the insane wind and rain and humidity the storm system brought us. The Cherry Pie is one of my favorite smokes - but sadly ever single run here in Hawaii she reminds me that she is made for dialed indoor rooms or the Emerald Triangle - not the harshness of the tropical jungle. Such is life - I keep beating my face trying - So far, I have run multiple test plants trying some different approaches to see if something works for her - Doing full strips of foliage, not taking any leaves unless damage, I've sprayed just about every product that's allowed under organic cultivation techniques, and Korean natural farming inputs, and the conclusions is always the same. The Pie will unfortunately be shelved from breeding runs here. I will be keeping her in veg as long as I can - with the hopes that somehow someway we are able to build or buy an indoor facility that can be used to grow and breed with the harder / less resistant type lines. But in the meantime, it's on to other things.

Just as I am finding cuts that disintegrate like the Cherry Pie, I am also finding the phenotypes that are built jungle tuff. These lines will be heavily whored out lol. So much of my focus here is firstly mold resistant, so I'll be working hard to combine, select, and dial in the lines that are jungle tuff. To that end, it is looking like the cornerstone of the next few years is going to be heavily into my Blackberry Moonshine lines, my Mac Dragon lines, and the local skunkdog cut.

In my current garden, I'm doing what I consider to be a huge step - using my jungle hardy selected male of my Modified Macberry Moonshine line, (see picture), and hitting him to sisters

selections, as well as to his half-sister line - The blackberry Moonshine bx1 (Mischif mike selected pheno - also turned out to be jungle tuff - Photo below taken yesterday, fully seeded by a related half-brother line)

The blackberry Moonshine bx1 line meeting the modified Macberry Mooneshine line is one I am so excited to see what those could look like. Since the lines are related as they had the same father, I'm expecting to see a more uniform seed line, that has the most influence coming thru from the Macberry Moonshine Side of the lineage.

Fully seeded by our modified macberry moonshine male selection
Blackberry Moonshine BX-1

And then...the Mac Dragon crossing to the Modified Macberry Moonshine. .... Anyone whose been watching my Instagram feed at all over the last 2 years has probably seen some jaw dropping photos of the Mac dragon, or of her offspring- The fact that something so beautiful also turned out to be so dank, and so resistant to fungus, and has also shown to be a great breeder - really was a big jackpot for me. So, in this next cross using the MMB male - I'm hopeful to see even more of the resistant genetics locked in, as well as more of the bag appeal, and the epic terpene production. It's funny to - I originally had a reversal slotted for this run, but the storm knocking out the power / greenhouse forced my hand into this cycle. And now - I think I'm more excited to see the regular offspring then I was for the feminized project originally going to be in this greenhouse. So, all's well that ends well! And the orginally planned reversal will still be happening, just had to rearrange the projects, so rest assured, I am going to make the Blackberry Moonshine bx1 reversal fems!

Seeded up by the Modified Macberry Moonshine male
Mac Dragon #7 seeded

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Have you tried a product called Organibliss for mold/mildew/spider mites on your "Cherry Pie". Systemic treatment for these. Water soluble neem extract. I have been using for 3 years here in Alabama/very high humidity. OMRI listed and works very well. Called an organic plant growth enhancer. Expensive, but I have had no mold/mildew/spider mite problems since I started using indoors or outdoors. Spray weekly.

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