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Harvest Has officially started!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Well, one of the favorite days for every grower....harvest time! I pulled the first plants down from my latest greenhouse run today! Today's harvest was all of the cherry pie clones - which were fully seeded up by my modified macberry moonshine male. Cherry pie generally looks pretty gnarly at my spot, as it is not fungal proof by any stretch of the imagination lol. But, I'm working very hard to change that. One of my long long term projects it to put the cherry pie look and taste on something that will perform. Will likely be years in the making but should be a very fun journey.

Cherry Pie Cut

I also started pulling some of the big tops of all the plants - as the seeds in them are very ripe, and we are expecting a shift in weather, so want to get those out now. I left the majority still up, but still feels very good to get the ball rolling on harvest! I did some seed checks on everything as I harvested, and I was very happy to see nothing but dark turtle striped seeds. It still blows me away how fast things flower here in Hawaii, which for working thru projects, sure helps me out! Can fit way more projects into a year then I could in Oregon.

I also harvested the Bruce Banger today as well. This is a local cut from a friend of mine who goes by PirateshipBaba. Hes a very good friend of mine who grows up the volcano from me. Here in Hawaii, your elevation / distance from the ocean are the two biggest factors in your microclimate. The further up the volcano you go, the more intense the rain is, and the colder it becomes. So, while I have a tough climate, he has an even harder one in many ways, wetter with less sunshine. The Bruce banger is one that he selected due to its extremely fast flower time, as well as its ability to handle the elements and climate here in Hawaii. It has a very pleasant sour grape type nose to it, with almost a Kool aid type flavor. It will be interesting to see how this combines with my raunchy skunky modified macberry moonshine genes.

Honestly though, everything from this cycle I'm pretty excited to see....

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