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Mac Dragon F2 via #18

Well, I want to start letting people know the history, story, and what to expect, on the upcoming releases, so Ill be going thru and doing a nice post about each. First up, we have the new mac dragon f2 feminized line. This release will be limited to 50 packs total, as most of the mac dragon reversal lines did not make a ton of stock.

The number 18 mother mac dragon was the most blueberry terpene of the bunch, and also one of the most colorful. She was highly mold resistance, and highly pm / septoria resistant. She did have an ongoing issue with Hawaii's Dreaded bark boring beetles which bring in Fusarium, but even with their pressure, she was a consistently dank line here in Hawaii.

Here is a quick photo of the mother side - Mac Dragon #18.

So, what to expect from the f2s - These are pretty consistent, with the terps generally coming in smelling and tasting of sour blueberries, with some strong sweet notes. Across the board, these are strong outdoor lines, showing the highest caliber of mold and mildew and Septoria resistances. My testing run of this line went thru back-to-back tropical storms, receiving 100+ MPH winds, a greenhouse flying away, torrential downpour, and kept on chugging. Bud structure is dense string of pearls, with nice round shaped buds, many of which will display colors, even in hot tropical weather. All in all, this is highly dependable, very dank line.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment of the Mac dragon f2s!

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