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Haole Moonshine Phenos - Part 2

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Haole Moonshine pheno #5 - this one is also getting a rerun from clone for a second look. Tangerine Skunk terps, with great resin levels, easy going, buds are chunky and dripping in resin so definitely worthy of a pushing the limits next round

#2 Haole Moonshine. This one has more tangerine funky terps with some pinesol-esck notes. Threw down with some fat thick heavy buds. Easy going. Getting reran as well.

#6 haole moonshine - won't be rerun. Has the longest flower time of all of them, and just not as impressive visually or terp wise. It's funny I saw phenos like this in the Bulgarian moonshine (blackberry moonshine x Bulgarian) and I kind of assumed it was more the Bulgarian influence. But seeing one like that in this cross, looks like this is actually coming from the BMS side in the background. This is the only one like it from this seed pop, and I also didn't see many in the Bulgarian moonshine cross. Fun to still be learning about the genetic / progeny of this line even after all these years breeding with her and running her and her children.

And here's the haole moonshine #21 - non keeper is my gut on this one, but I will let smoke test decide. This expression of the Haole Moonshine is way leafier than her sisters, with more muted tangerine notes, and doesn't have the high-level bag appeal or odor levels of the sisters. Still very sticky, and a solid bud, but when looking for 9s and 10s, gotta be picky!

#4 - solid / loud straight tangerine terps. reminds me of the old school lemon larry cut. bag appeal isnt as high on this one, with more leaf, but for solid green bud or for washing...I bet this one would be a top contender for concentrates. Got her saved as well to evaluate smoke on to potentially rerun

Then here is the #18 seed plant - this one is dense, one of the highest levels of this hunt. Reeks of skunk ass, with sharp lemon under it and is very resinous. While she may not quite the bag appeal of the best sisters, but this one will also get reran from clone, and pushed harder next round to see what more she has to give.

#3 haole moonshine - terp wise she's prob my favorite. dirty oil and fuel cat piss. Sticky to the max, terp is loud, colors coming in nicely. She is the runt of the run size wise, but her clone is keeping up with her sisters. definitely rerunning this one from clone.

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