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Orange dragon cookies - limited release coming thru select venders

Well, what can be said about this red headed beautiful strain that pictures don't....

Her terp profiles are typically in the citrus sweet tea vein, with some getting the dough treat and citrus notes. We also heard from one of our testers that he found a meaty pepperoni smelling / tasting one.

Obviously, there are beautiful colored phenotypes to find in this line, as well as some more normal green ones. Her yield is about average, with a fast flower time, typically She is done in under 9 weeks. The orange dreams leaning ones are more upright sturdy plants, while the Dragons slyme cookie leaners are slightly lower yielding, with a more cookie type structure.

When I seeded the dragons slyme cookies here in hawaii with the orange dreams reversal, the OD doesn't really like to reverse, and when she does, her pollen sacks don't open on their own easily, so this is one that I had to manually open and distribute pollen. Because of this, there wasn't a ton of stock created. After getting thru testing, and me keeping some backstock for myself to keep and someday hunt again, there wasn't a ton of packs left. I actually almost just stored all the remaining - but decided to release a small amount, as she has made her rounds thru social media and I kept getting asked about her. So, for those asking - this will be your chance. A total of 30 packs will be released, the bulk of them will be releasing only thru Neptune Seed bank, with a small amount also going to Wellgrown Seeds and Meraki Genetics. With only 30 packs, I would highly recommend keeping an eye out on their mailing lists to make sure you get the word when they drop. I will also try to make a post when they are live on the vender's site - but I can't promise the 30 packs will even last long enough for me to do that.

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