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Rundown of the Blackberry Moonshine bx1 cycle

Here's a quick update on this Blackberry Moonshine Bx1 reversal cycle. The first plant being sprayed with STS is now day 5 of flower and has been sprayed twice with STS. (Not pictured) Last night was my heavy water / Top dressing day, so figured I'd snap some photos off while I pulled everything out.

This photo has the 6 remaining Blackberry Moonshine bx1s. The 4 that are grouped together will all end up being sprayed with STS and hopefully reversed. The biggest one goes in for her first spray and 12-hour darkness tonight, and then 5 more days after that, Ill spray the 3 smaller ones with sts and flip them. The 2 on the lower right corner that are equally sized will be the ones that will not be sprayed with STS and hopefully be seeded.

Here is the Forum Cookies - Sourced thru the Archive Dispensary. What Can I say about cookies that hasn't already been said? Shes truly a pillar of cannabis genetics, love her, or hate her. I personally love smoking on the forum, and one of my last grails is sourcing the OKGB cut. But for now, I'm going to continue working with the Forum. I've used her in the past with my dragons hash plant male, my dragons stash male, and my orange dreams #3 Reversal. None of those have ever been released...but maybe...this will be the winning combo.

Speaking of grails - After a long hunt, I've finally got 2 copies of t

he Chem 91 SKVA - This one was a major grail of mine, as Ive smoked the 91 many times, and Ive grown many crosses, but haven't been able to work with her myself...until now!

This is the All star clones - SoCal - Sourced cut.

And this is also the Chem 91 - SKVA - This one sourced thru GMO House of Clones.

Heres the Fire OG - This was also sourced thru All Star Clones So Cal. Very vigorous and has the typical OG vibe. It takes a lot of topping to keep this one from bean poling.

Ohio Deathstar - One of my favorites for anti-stress and anti-anxiety. My previous cross with her (Dragon of death - Deathstar x Dragons Stash) I didn't feel improved the deathstar...which that's usually the problem with truly elite cannabis - how do you improve the elite? I didn't and don't care to release watered down versions, so she didn't make the cut. Im really hoping this time, with my blackberry moonshine bx1 pollen, I will see something uniquely different and elite in her own way. If not, another failed project in the vault.


Archive PDX sourced. What can be said about GMO. One of the few hype strains that is actually worthy of the hype. One of my favorites, and she is pretty easy to create better versions with. She seems to pass along the best parts of the terp, the insane vigor, and the yield, while not clinging to that 13 week flower time. Ive used her with the West african ghana male, the Dragons Hashplant male, the Macberry Moonshine male, the Orange dreams reversal, and the mac dragon reversal. Now to add the blackberry moonshine bx1 reversal to the list.

Modified Macberry Moonshine - Speaking of gmo crosses! This is the pheno that was found out of my beans by cannaessentials, and is the 6% terps pheno. Everything I love about GMO, turned up, loud skunk garlic fuel terps, with a 7-9 week flower time instead of 11-14. Extremely pm and rot resistant, throws down like the gmo, washes as good as the gmo, and smokes as good, if not better than the gmo.

One interesting thing to note as well, if I successfully create this stock, it would be the first time I've ever had a regular, and a feminized version of the same line, as this would be the same cross as my Haole Moonshine, only using a female bms bx1 instead of a the male modified macberry moonshine.

Grape Pie - sourced thru Archive PDX.

I have to say, I almost didn't grape this clone when we first hit up places when I got back to Oregon from Hawaii, and I'm very glad I did. Has the funky raunchy cherry pie type terp and is very potent. The structure in flower is tall and open with hard golf balls that are beautifully laced with purple when you break them open. Very excited to see how she breeds with my blackberry moonshine bx1 reversal...

And the runtz....she is pretty pissed at me. when we went down to see my grandfather in cali, when we got back her pot was very dry, and since that hard dry back, shes been very slow to get her grove back. I may end up pulling her from the run, as stressed plants generally aren't worth the trouble of flowering. Shes got 2 weeks left to get her act right. I would like to seed her, as the smoke is fire, and well, lets face it - the market is all about runtz right now. But, if she still is looking subpar, I will pull her from the run.

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