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Week 1 in the books

Well, the new cycle flipped is cruising right along! We are now mid-week 1, coming up week 2 on Monday. Things overall are looking pretty good especially since they flipped, they have not had a sunny day. Its always interesting to see the weather patterns here in Hawaii, they were saying the drought word in feb, as somehow only 20 inches of rain in that month was somehow cause for alarm lol. 20 inches! Hardly what I think of when I think drought, but I don't make the rules. We definitely aren't in a "drought" now lol.

This cycle using the Crumble cake male to make a bunch of fun new crosses, is looking like it could be one of my better ones based on overall fullness of the greenhouse, as well as the overall health of the canopy. I've been spraying every 3 days like clockwork, each time with a different IPM product, and its looking like that's keeping the nasty bugs and molds away so far. Definitely some work to grow in Hawaii, but we are making it happen.

Here's the bigger of the clones of the Crumble Cake male - I have 2 of the same male, and 2 of the same female crumble cakes - which this entire cycle is really about. This photo has the bigger / older cut of the male, which was actually re-vegged after stress testing, and kept going. I've hacked this boy back a few times, and he has been thru the Hawaii Tropical climate stress test hard! He was out no cover when the Kona Low storm system went thru - he saw hurricane force winds, and 18 inches of rain over a 5 day period, with insane humidity for a solid 3 weeks due to the disruptions in our typical trade wind patterns. His smells I would say are in the Gas on top - Grape funky astringent type smells under neath the gas. Should be exciting to see his progeny.

In this photo, on the left lower row - Ive got the smaller crumble cakes. The Female is on the left with the nice bush structure - shes not been topped or anything thats just how she grows. Then on the right hand side I have the smaller clone of the crumble cake, which has the more OGKB looking type growth.

Behind them in the back row is the Mac Dragons #7. Mac Dragon Crumble that's going to be some pretty insane plants...I bet anyway.

Here' s the Lemon Tree Clone only - This one was given to me by my local friend matchmaker genetics, who also breeds here on the Big island. Pretty excited to see this one, as its the first time Ive had it in the stable.

Below - one of the 3 Pure Dalat Vietnamese preservation P-1 generation that I threw into the greenhouse for seeing with the crumble cake male...Theis one is probably my favorite, as its got a very delicious Tangerine Smell coming off her.

To the left is another pheno of the Dalat Pure Vietnamese, also from seed. I was originally planning a large open pollination of the Dalat to make my second generation of stock, however in the hunt I didn't come across worthy males, as we have mostly girls end up coming from the seed pop, and the small number of males all were heavily effected by Septoria thru the Kona Low, and I just didn't feel like I saw the plants I needed to improve the line by taking it a step deeper. I am planning to re-hunt the Dalat and find the strongest male the stock has to offer, but in the meantime the preservation cycle was bumped obviously.

Here is another fun clone that was given to me by my friend pirateshipbaba. This one is called Terminal Lance and is a Vs1 x in the pines cross. I've got 2 of these in the greenhouse to be seeded up by the crumble cake male. They seem to have nice Christmas tree structure and are very easy going. They have a nice open structure which is great here in Hawaii, and they also are showing great fungal resistances. Should be very interesting to see how these genes combine in with the crumble cake side.

To the bottom...

Maui Skunkdog


These below are both Cherry Pie - Which these are the best I've gotten the pie to look here in Hawaii...they really don't like all the moisture humidity and such in the environment. I also find that they prefer to have my keep the soil borderline to dry, which seems to allow them to have a better shot in the excessive humidity. Definitely a constant matter of dialing in and learning strains, especially the more modern hype stuff that's not bred or selected for this rough climate.

To the left - Blackberry Moonshine Bx1 - mischif mike selected pheno. To the right, another Mac Dragon #10. I've got a total of 8 of these Mac Dragon #10s in the greenhouse. She doesn't receive pollen well, much like her mother the mac 1 cut, although not quite as bad. Usually, I can get some stock of them, hopefully with this many in the greenhouse we will have enough stock to test and maybe even release some to the world.

And last photo of this blog entry - We have the 2 phenos of the Jeffrey - which was bred by pirateshipbaba in honor of his friend Jeffrey who passed away recently. Lineage of these is the terminal lance x Magic Man. This part of the project means a lot, as breeding in someone's honor...that's quite the responsibility. Hopefully I do these justice.

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